Puritech Ultraflow FRP Housing and system

Puritech Ultraflow FRP Housing is manufactured from high-quality epoxy fiberglass (same material of Reverse Osmosis membrane vessel) which providing better corrosion-resistance, strong mechanical character and long service life. Comparing to stainless steel high flow housing, Ultraflow FRP housing can be used more widely, smaller footprint and more economic. With unique structure design, Ultraflow FRP housing can adapt all kinds of high flow filter cartridges perfectly with easier installation and maintenance. Meanwhile, Ultraflow FRP system can be assembled into different modules (series connection or parallel connection) for larger project. Puritech professional R&D team also contribute to support you with OEM&ODM service for special usage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Better corrosion-resistance, higher pressure-resistance and longer service life
  • Unique structure design contributes to wide adaptability
  • Side-in & end-out direction provides easy maintenance without removing connection
  • Single-unit usage or customized module usage allowed
  • Competitive price support you with economic solutions and low maintenance cost
  • Customized shell color


  • Shell:                  High-quality epoxy fiberglass (same material of RO membrane vessel)
  • End caps & Thrust ring:     Reinforced nylon
  • Locking segments:             Alloy  
  • Sealing:                             EPDM
  • Strap:                                Rubber&304 stainless steel     
  • Saddle:                              Rubber