Puritech Ultraflow-B, the Retrofit of Filter Bag

Puritech Ultraflow-B High Flow Filter Cartridge is a solution for lowering capital cost and operation cost. With the unique pleat structure, this cartridge come with effective filtration area over 8 times than ordinary bag filter and higher dirty holding capacity. The larger diameter 6 ” (152 mm), single-ended opening can fit your current bag filter housing perfectly with size 1 or size 2 bag filter. So Puritech Ultraflow-B High Flow Filter Cartridge is quite an ideal option for you.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fit in most of the size 1 or 2 filter bag housing without need to change
  • Diameter 6 “(152 mm) is suitable for large flow and high-volume applications
  • Unique pleated structure provides larger effective filtration surface area within the space constraints of a standard bag filter basket.
  • Dirt holding capacity and retention rate are maximized by pleated multi-layers of filter medium


  • Filter Medium: Imported polypropylene membrane     
  • Inner Core:  Reinforced Polypropylene
  • End caps:       Reinforced Polypropylene
  • Gasket/O-rings:   EPDM / NBR   
  • Construction Method: Welding (No adhesives)  


  • Outside Diameter: 6” (152.4 mm)
  • Flange Diameter:  7” (177.8 mm), 7.2” (183 mm)     
  • Micron Rating:     1μm, 3μm, 5μm,10μm, 30μm, 50μm, 70μm, 100μm, 120μm,150μm
  • Length: 16” (370mm) — replacement of size 1 filter bag  
    • 32” (634mm) — replacement of size 2 filter bag

Recommended operation condition:

  • Maximum Temperature:   80 ℃
  • Maximum Pressure:         2.8 bar@60 ℃
  • Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure:   2.4 bar @20 ℃

Typical Application:

  • RO pre-filtration
  • Municipal water
  • Boiler Condensate
  • Process water (Food & Beverage, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals)